Provisional data shows state budget surplus above target

4.4 billion euro surplus

According to provisional data released by the Greek Finance Ministry, the 2016 budget target exceeded expectations recording net revenues amounting to 53.968 billion euros. Both spending and revenue were remarkably better than projections, with the primary surplus amounting to 4.392 billion euros in relation to the initial target of 1.983 billion. The government budget balance shows a 1.185 deficit compared to a 3.530 deficit in 2015 and a target of 3.617 for 2016. Regular budget net revenue amounted to 1.819 billion euros or 3.8% of the initial target for the 2017 budget. Revenue returns stood at 3.265 billion euro, a 22-million-euro drop compared to the initial 3.287 billion projection. Revenue from the Public Investment Program amounted to 4.172 billion euros, down by 204 million in comparison to the target.