American rapper sings in front of Greek Orthodox Church Altar, causing uproar (video)

Rapper shoots video clip for song called “Santorini-Greece”

The Metropolis of Thera has reacted strongly over footage in music video clip from American rap artist Rick Ross, which shows the singer performing inside an Orthodox Church on the island of Santorini. In the clip of the song, called “Santorini Greece” from the popular rap singer’s new album “Rather You Than Me”, Rick Ross can be seen singing and striking some dance moves in front of the Altar inside the Church of Saint Efstratios Vourvoulos. The video clip also shows fast cuts between images of the Church and icons and sensual bikini-clad models.

In a statement it released the Holy Metropolis of Thera called the fact “disgraceful” and stressed that “it was with sorrow that we were informed of the use of the interior of the Holy Temple of Saint Efstratios Vourvoulos in Thera as the backdrop for the filming of a music video clip”, something which was not approved by the Metropolis.