Relief for Greeks: “The EU is Not banning Gyros or Kebab”

The European Commission has denied reports it plans to ban gyros & kebab


A spokesperson of the European Commission reacted to the media reports on the use of phosphates in food and told New Europe: “Let us be clear. The EU is not banning ‘kebab’, our role is to ensure that food is safe.”

The European Parliament has proposed the extension of the possibility to use the food additive called ‘phosphate’ which is necessary for certain spits meat preparations, such as the types mentioned above, said the spokesperson.

“The additive enables homogenous freezing which prevents the risk of unbalanced heat-treatment thus ensuring the roast meat strips served to consumers are safe,” the spokesperson added.

“The draft proposal of the European Commission was not rejected, but received strong support by member states at the Standing Committee on 25 September 2017, where 24 Member States voted in favour,” said the EU spokesperson, underlining that not a single EU member state questioned the safety of the proposed use to the Standing Committee.