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German tourist caravan trapped with explosive device in Macedonia!

Counter-terrorist division take charge of probe

Greek police are on alert after an explosive device was detected on a German couple’s tourist Caravan in the city of Alexandreia in the region of Imathia in Macedonia, Thursday morning. The suspicious package was discovered after the German tourists pulled into a petrol station, when the man noticed a strange device with a flashing red light attached to the vehicle’s chassis with wires protruding. The couple immediately asked for help from the owners of the station who called in the fire department and the local police, while a special bomb squad arrived two hours later from Thessaloniki. The squad verified the package was indeed a remote controlled explosive device. The bomb was carefully removed from the caravan and taken to Thessaloniki, where authorities are examining the device for possible DNA clues, fingerprints and the type of connection that could aid in investigations. The Thessaloniki counter-terrorist division has taken charge of the investigations, while the German couple testified to police on the strange incident.