Schulz: Prattle on Grexit is dangerous

Europe must stand united, he added

Hours before the EuroGroup meeting in Brussels, the leader of the German SPD party and former European Parliament Martin Schulz said anyone who turned Europe and Germany against each other were committing a sin against the future of the country. “It is not a wise thing to reiterate the discussion about Greece’s exit from the eurozone. We must stand up with determination against those who wish to divide Europe. That’s why the recent prattle on the Grexit is dangerous”, remarked Martin Schulz to the German Press Agency (DPA).
“In these times of international concern, it is highly important that Europe stands united,” he added.
Meanwhile, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble rejected claims he had threatened Greece with a Grexit in an interview to TV network ARD. The German Minister added, however, that if Greece failed to implement the necessary reforms ti would be faced with problems, without specifying what kind of problems. Mr. Schauble did recognise that Greece was on the right track. The German politician said European legislation did not allow for a debt reduction, while he seemed confident the IMF would finally participate in the Greek bailout program.