Scottish to seek second referendum for independence

Brexit’s funny side-effects…

After saying “NO” to their independence and after their participation in a referendum that had the “Brexit” as a result, now the Scots want yet another chance to say that they actually want to be independent. It seems they are never happy with the results of the elections they take part in…

First Minister of Scotland, Ms Nicola Sturgeon, has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence, and she wanted a vote to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year.

Prime Minister Theresa May has so far avoided saying whether or not she would grant permission for a vote to be held.

Confused? Well, everybody is.

The fact that they denied their own independence, has turned around to them like a boomerang. Now they are asking for their independence for what seems to be all the wrong reasons. Because it’s not as if they actually want to be independent, like so many other nations have bled to be. They want their independence simply because they want to hand it in again to someone else.

This peculiar behavior has already caused some ironic comments between analysts and it seems there is more to see as this issue moves on.