See where the Rethymnian crocodile lives

Residents from Rethymno visit the lake to see the big reptile

The appearance of a crocodile in Greece has raised the interest, but also questions of how it is possible to find a crocodile in Crete’s wetland.

The reptile is about two meters long and was spotted at the Potami Dam Lake, in Amari.

At first, the news on the existence of a crocodile in a lake in Crete was considered to be a joke, but the photos and video which were released showing the big reptile proved that there is a crocodile in Potami Dam Lake. Moreover, Crete Development Organization confirmed its existence through a relative statement.


According to a herpetologist of the Natural History Museum of Heraklion, the reptile is not expected to get off the water and the shores of the lake, but it is possible to be found at any spot of the lake.

Therefore, residents should feel safe, given that they will not swim in the lake and stay away from the shores of the lake. It should also be noted that, regardless of the above incident, swimming in this lake is not allowed.

Residents of Rethymno visit the area so as to see the crocodile with their own eyes.

Authorities will begin the operation of locating and removing the reptile from the lake next week in collaboration with Crete Development Organizationand Natural History Museum of Crete.