Shocking Confession by Turkish-Cypriot: “My art was to kill civilian Greek-Cypriots”!

Without remorse but proudly!…


An 84-year-old Turkish-Cypriot without remorse but…proudly described in a televised interview that he murdered Greek-Cypriot prisoners in 1974.

In his interview, he mentions that his mission was to “take care” of the “infidels” captured by the Turkish army during their invasion of Cyprus. Seeking alibi for his crimes against innocent civilians he said he did not regret it because “they did a lot too” and since he could not find those who committed these alleged crimes, he was killing unarmed prisoners.

In fact, referring to himself, he said the murders were his art. At some stage of the invasion, he went to the Karpas area and saw that many Greek-Cypriot prisoners had been gathered. “I was glad,” he said, because I would “take care” of them all. But a Turkish officer, Hako Boratas, got wind of what he had in mind and warned him that if he didn’t go away he would shoot him and kill him on the spot.

“The fact that they got away was burning me”, says the 84-year-old Turkish Cypriot, who was a member of the Turkish-Cypriot terrorist organization TMT.