Shocking revelations: 800 Turkish secret agents operating in Europe

Information published by DW

German media outlet Deutsche Welle (DW) reports that Turkish secret agents are operating on a wide scale in Germany and across other European countries. Citing a Kurdish activist called Yuksel Koc, who is currently living in hiding in Germany fearing for his life from the Erdogan government, the report claims that Koc and two German MPs are on the hit list of Turkish intelligence services. Koc, 52, who is accused of collaborating with the Fetullah Gulen movement which was deemed a terrorist organisation and responsible for last year’s failed coup attempt against the Turkish government, told DW that he fears for his life and requested a meeting in person with the reporters of DW in Bremen, as he suspected his phone might be wiretapped. “I receive SMS messages from Turkey and they have sent assassins here to neutralise me or kill me. A source gave us some information which we passed on to the German authorities”, he said. Koc claims Turkish secret agents are everywhere in Germany. Erich Schmidt-Eenboom, a special researcher in secret services, estimates Turkey has 8,000 full-time active intelligence agents, of which 400 are operating in Germany and 800 in the rest of Europe. Reports by German public media outlets NDR and WDR, and newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, reveals the Turkish secret services had handed their German colleagues of the BND a list with hundreds of names suspected of supporting the Gulen movement. Among the names in the list were two German MPs. The German Federal Prosecutor launched an investigation Wednesday under the suspicion that Turkish agents were spying on Gulen supporters.