Shocking! This Syrian refugee raped a 3-year old boy in Greek hotspot

Police released his photo and name

The Greek Police released the photo and name of a 20-year-old Syrian refugee who raped a 3-year-old boy in Ioannina, western Greece. Syrian born Alshahada Thamer, son of Majid and Sana, was arrested on Friday on charges of rape at the Agia Eleni hotspot in Ioannina.
The release of his personal details was ordered by the prosecutor on the grounds of public safety.

The three-year-old boy is also hosted with his 30-year-old mother at the Agia Eleni Refugees Hospitality Center in Ioannina.

The mother reported the incident when she saw her crying child returning with serious haemorrhaging and suffering from unbearable pains from the sports facilities of the Hospitality Center where the rape occurred. The mother transferred her son to the University Hospital of Ioannina, where the coroner at the Paediatric Clinic confirmed he had been sexually abused.

Refugees camps in Greece have come under scrutiny, as reports by the UN and NGOs have revealed unaccompanied women and children often fall prey to sexual predators. Many pundits fear the refugee hotspots are rapidly turning into Sharia-dominated areas, while there are also serious concerns that many Islamist jihadi fighters have been received in some hotspots. From the outset of the refugee crisis in 2015, the leftist-led Greek government, through its rhetoric effectively condoned and supported an open-border policy, refusing to adopt stricter border control measures. The problem was exacerbated with the stance by other EU member states which refused to share in the burden and receive the refugees and illegal immigrants.