Shocking video shows seal beaten unconscious by tourists for kids to take pictures (warning: graphic)

The incident happened in Kazakhstan

A seal was beaten unconscious by tourists in Kazakhstan so ‘children could take pictures with it’, just days after another cub was pelted with rocks on a beach.

The shocking footage was recorded in a village located on the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea, and shared online yesterday.

The clip shows a group of men attacking the defenceless animal with sticks and rocks after it came close to the shore.

A crowd of people gather around to watch the brutal assault and appear to do nothing to stop the violence.

The savage attack lasted until the seal lost consciousness, while an eyewitness said that “the animal was beaten until it was unconscious.”

The same eye-witness added that “they pulled the seal out of the water so that the children could take pictures. After that, they threw the body like a sack in the water. I don’t even know if it survived.”