Shots reportedly fired by Turkish forces against Greek patrol unit in Evros

Greece has said it is determined to safeguard its borders

Tensions are heating up on the borders between Greece and Turkey in the region of Evros, as reports say Turkish forces fired shots over a Greek patrol unit on the Greek side of the border on Tuesday.

According to the reports, the Greek patrol reported the shooting, but could not determine if it was against it.

Earlier, a Turkish Coast Guard speedboat collided with a Greek Coast Guard boat off the coast of Kos hitting it in the stern. According to the Port Authority “the patrol vessel was conducting patrols in the wider maritime area on the border”.

Turkey has pushed thousands of refugees and immigrants to its western borders with Greece. The Greek government has made it clear that it intends to defend its line and not allow any illegal immigrants or refugees to cross into EU land. Greece’s decision has received full support from the EU.

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