Slovakia adds Greece to Covid-19 high-risk countries

Following the spike in the number of cases

Slovakia has included Greece on its list of Covid-19 high-risk countries, following a substantial spike in the number of cases.

Ireland and Singapore have been removed from the list after the coronavirus situation in both countries have been assessed. The exemption from compulsory self-isolation, subject to a negative coronavirus test, will apply not only to the countries of the European Union but also to other countries of the European Economic Area – Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein – as well as Citizens of European Union countries, and those originating in the EEA or Switzerland, who will not be obliged to restrict themselves upon arrival in Slovakia, if they have a permanent or temporary residence permit, according to a statement from the Slovak Ministry of the Interior.

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However, in order for the above to be accepted, a medical certificate is required. Those who have permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia and enter or leave the country for diagnosis and treatment, together with their relatives, will not be required to apply for exemption at the Ministry. Health, if their stay does not exceed 12 hours. However, they must present a medical invitation or a certificate of treatment, the statement said. However, the Slovak Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs advises Slovak citizens to postpone their travel abroad due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.