Pakistani gang leader arrested by Greek police (photos)

The gang had killed a Pakistani man last Saturday

The Pakistani leader of a gang, whose knife-wielding members broke into an apartment in Kaminia last Saturday and slaughtered a 29-year-old man and brutally beat two other of their compatriots was arrested by Greek Police.

The ring leader, who is in charge of a group involved in trafficking, cigarette smuggling, and illegal drug trafficking in the squares of the centre of Athens, was arrested late on Thursday night, in Didymoteicho, northern Greece.

The boss

The boss’s ‘lieutenant’ 

Police in Piraeus handcuffed five Pakistani members of the knife-wielding ring within a few hours before they managed to disappear. The suspects said that the big boss had made a plan to escape to Turkey through northern Greece. And yesterday they finally managed to locate him and arrest him.

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