Snow to fall in Attica late Thursday

Low temperatures continue to affect the country

Snow is forecast to fall in the mountainous areas of Attica late Thursday, as the bad weather, which began on Wednesday, continues to affect Greece.

The areas of Parnitha, Penteli and Agios Stefanos in Attica will experience snowfall, while snow is expected to also cover many areas of the North Attica and Euboea road network, with light snow and rain forecast for the rest of Attica.

Freezing temperatures from -6 degrees Celsius in the north in Kozani, along with stormy winds are the main features of the cold weather since Thursday morning.

The stations of the Athens National Observatory recorded the lowest temperatures this morning in Vlasti Kozani (-6.4 degrees), Vitina Arcadia (-4.7) and Mavrolithari Fokida (-4). , 6). Even lower temperatures were recorded in ski resorts and shelters, such as in Kaimaktsalan, where the minimum value was -12.3 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures will remain low until Friday morning when a gradual rise is expected to occur, except Crete and the Dodecanese, where they will fall even more. Winds in the Aegean will reach 8 and locally 9 Beaufort, while in the Ionian they are forecast to reach 8 Beaufort on Thursday and 7 Beaufort on Friday.