Some of the tiniest houses in the world (photos)

Small is the new rage

Owning a large house has been the dream of many people for many years. But the most recent trend, largely because of rising costs in property is to live in smaller dwellings. Here is a list of some of the tiniest homes from around the world.

KODA Walking Concrete can be taken apart and easily rebuilt in a new location.

Size: 250 sq. ft
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
The KODA Walking Concrete made the World Architecture Festival’s shortlist of the best “Small Projects” in 2016. It’s completely mobile, and can be unassembled and reassembled if it needs to move to a new location. The company that developed it, Kodasema, designed the two-tiered home so that it can be assembled in as little as four hours.
The simple design allows it to function as whatever space is needed, be it a beach house, mountain hut, café, or office.

This 196-square-foot home cost its architect less than $12,000 to build.


Size: 196 sq. ft.
Location: Boise, Idaho
Boise architect Macy Miller decided to downgrade from a full-size home to a tiny one, which she designed and built herself. She lives there with her partner and dog.
The home, which sits on top of a flatbed trailer, cost about $11,500 all in. The most expensive component is the composting toilet — about $2,000 — which uses barely any water.

A young American filmmaker converted an old van into a mobile studio so he could travel the country.


Size: 2003 Chevrolet Express, L x 79″ W x 82″
Location: United States
Zach Both, a 23-year-old filmmaker, lives and works out of a converted van. It took Both six months to transform the vehicle into a fully functional home and studio, complete with a bed, kitchen, and desk.

Famed architect Renzo Piano jumped into the tiny homes business with these 79-square-foot German models.


Size: About 79 sq. ft.
Location: Weil am Rhein, Germany
Best known for Manhattan’s New York Times Building, London’s The Shard, and Paris’ Pompidou Museum, Renzo Piano is now turning his attention to tiny details — specifically, to “Diogene,” a tiny house prototype built for German furniture company Vitra.
The house — which is constructed of wood and aluminum paneling, and collects, cleans, and reuses water — also supplies its own power, and features photovoltaic cells and solar modules, a rainwater tank, a biological toilet, and natural ventilation.

A California couple also built their 170 square-foot home on a flatbed trailer.

Size: 170 sq. ft.
Location: Sebastopol, California
Web designer Alek Lisefski and his girlfriend fulfilled their dream of a simpler, more minimalistic life by building a smaller home. The projecttook about a year and cost them $30,000. In the end they wound up with a small mobile home measuring about 2,261 cubic feet.
The home doesn’t feel cramped, thanks to the 13-foot ceilings, fold-away furniture, and smaller appliances with dual purposes.

The Japanese minimalist design firm Muji now sells houses.


Size: 98 sq. ft.
Location: Japan
The world-famous Japanese design firm Muji, known for its minimalisthome goods and clothing, is now selling houses. Starting in August, Japanese residents will be able to order its $27,000, 98-square-foot house.
Like all of Muji’s products, it’s bare-bones, sourced from beautiful materials, and durable. They don’t include electricity or plumbing, and are meant for owners who want a vacation or backyward home that would let them unplug.

The Waterwoody Houseboat is the perfect cross between boat and cabin.


Size: L x  28′ w x 9′
Location: United States
Boat builder and designer Kerry Elwood crafted this tiny houseboat after sailing boats for 18 years. He wanted a more minimalist way of life, and to be more in sync with nature.
Elwood spent almost two years building the first “WaterWoody,” and drove it across Detroit Lake in Oregon. The cozy cabin feature solar power, LED lighting, and a composting toilet.

A Colorado couple built this 124-square-foot home that has a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping loft.

Size: 124 sq. ft.
Location: Colorado
Colorado couple Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller began building their home back in 2011 and documented the journey in a new movie called “TINY: A Story About Living Small.”
The house has a small galley kitchen, a bathroom, and a sleeping loft nestled between the floor and the 11-foot-high ceilings. For storage, the couple makes use of a small closet and two built-in bookshelves, and works from a built-in desk a reclaimed hardwood table.

The Mushroom dome cabin has gorgeous views of the surrounding redwood trees

Size: 100 sq. ft.
Location: Aptos, California
Located in a quiet grove in California, the Mushroom Dome Cabin has a skylight and wide windows that offers a view of California’s surrounding redwood forest and the stars in the sky at night. The building is topped with a cute mushroom cap that almost makes it look like it’s part of the forest.


source: businessinsider