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Stiletto self-defence classes inspired by a Greek goddess and sex crime (vids)

High heels as weapons – choose your stiletto carefully

The erotic stiletto heel, considered by feminists to be yet another restriction for women, is turned into an empowering object for women in the case of rape. Now Avital Zeisler has turned high heels into weapons in a self-defence technique known as the Soteria Method that she named after the Greek goddess for safety and deliverance from harm.

Up until now heels have been considered more fashionable than useful, but Zeisler, a former ballerina, is turning these into weapons.


She came across the Soteria self-defence method after hitting an attacker with a heel when she was sexually assaulted. After the incident she did the math and found that an average woman putting her full weight on a stiletto heel would apply 200 times as much pressure as a 15-stone man would be able to put on a size nine shoe.

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