Substantial rise in illegal migrants and refugees from Afghanistan, according to UNHCR

Over 6,000 Afghans reached Greece in the summer months

A large rise in arrivals of families from Afghanistan to Greece has been recorded for 2019, according to data from the Greek authorities analysed by the UNHCR.

The highest increase was recorded during the summer months, with 6,586 Afghans, 3,755 Syrians and 3,069 from sub-Saharan Africa arriving in Greece in the June-July-August quarter.

As noted by an article appearing in newspaper Ta Nea, there is an increase in unaccompanied minors whose nationality is mostly Afghan. There are currently more than 4,500 unaccompanied children in Greece, with 93.6% of them being boys, while there has been a rise in the proportion of children under 14 years of age.

This general picture is also confirmed data in September that show 39% of those arriving on the Greek islands off the Turkish coast were Afghans, 15% were Syrians and 9% Congolese, with Iraqis and Palestinians coming next.

A total of 45,597 refugees and illegal immigrants had arrived in Greece either through Evros or – mainly – through the Aegean islands by the end of September.