Survivor: Greece vs. Turkey. Round 2 (video)

Will Turks make it 2-0, or will the Greeks strike back?

After a competitive first round between the two Survivor teams of Greece and Turkey, in which the latter came on top with 10 wins against 7, they are set to meet again on Friday night for a second time. The second round, also to be broadcast on Skai TV, seems to favour the Greek team as the events are strength-based and require stamina. Heartthrob Giannis Spaliaras -the “sex-machine”- who is rumoured to have slept with 4,000 women, will enter the fray with former water polo champion Kostas Kokkinakis. We’ll have to wait and see which team comes on top. Will the Greeks draw the series of will the Turks make it 2-0.