Teacher fired for ‘sending’ topless selfies to student (video)

The incident occurred 3 years ago

A 25-year-old middle school teacher in Long Island was fired after a topless selfie she took was nonconsensually obtained by a student at her school. The teacher, Lauren Miranda, is now in the process of suing the school district for gender discrimination.

Miranda took the photo herself and says that she only shared it with a teacher in the district with whom she previously had a relationship, and had never shown or shared the photo with any student. According to Miranda’s notice of claim (a precursor to a lawsuit), the South Country Central School District failed to conduct a sufficient investigation before they terminated Miranda, telling her that she was no longer a “role model” for students.

“What message is that saying to the girls who have their photos airdropped all over the high school and sent all over?” Miranda told WABC earlier this week. “What message are we sending to them? To roll over when your picture gets exposed without your permission or consent? So how am I now not being a role model to them?”

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