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The 5 most colourful neighbourhoods in the world (photos)

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The sight of a dull and gray neighbourhood can often be quite depressing for both visitors and the locals. Which is why a splash of colour in residential areas can go a long way in bringing life to the dreary suburb and infusing joy into the atmosphere. Here are some of the most colourful neighbourhoods in the world.

1. Burano, Venice


This island, just a 40-minute vaporetti ride from the main Venice attractions, is known for its brightly colored homes. The colors are carefully regulated—any homeowner that wishes to paint his or her house must register with the government, which will send back a list of approved colors

2. Old Town, Colmar, France

Seemingly plucked from a fairytale, the Old Town section of Colmar is filled with half-timbered medieval buildings painted in pastel hues.

3. Downtown, St. John’s, Canada

While these bright homes are referred to as Jellybean Row, they’re actually found all over downtown St. John’s. Legend has it that the homes were painted so vibrantly so that fisherman could see the shore in foggy weath

4. Maafushi, Maldives

Surrounded by turquoise seas, the Maldivian island of Maafushi has plenty of fun, candy-colored buildings in its town, making it an Instagram paradise

5. Bo-Kaap, Cape Town

Formerly known as the Malay Quarter, this hillside neighborhood has been a melting pot of cultures for years. Visit the Bo-Kaap Museum, located in the oldest house in the area, which highlights the neighborhood’s history, particularly regarding the early Muslim settlers.

source: oyster.com

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