The astonishing moment journalist confronts North Koreans suspected in Kim Jong-nam assassination! (VIDEOS)

…and Kim Jong-Nam’s posts video “from hiding”!

Is this the world’s bravest journalist? Or the most stupid?

The unnamed reporter was on the flight taking Kim Jong-nam’s body back to North Korea following his assassination with VX nerve agent in Malaysia.

It is believed Malaysia reached a ‘swap deal’ with notorious despot Kim Jong-un following a diplomatic row over the investigation into the murder.

Nine Malaysians have been released from custody in North Korea in exchange for Jong-nam’s body being flown back home.

But a journalist who was on board the flight noticed some more interesting cargo – three of the suspects in the case.

In fact, one of them was sitting in his seat.

Two of the three men confronted are believed to be Hyon Kwang Song, the second secretary at the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and Kim Uk Il, a staff member of North Korea’s state airline Air Koryo .

The journalist, who has not been named, filmed himself attempting to confirm the suspect’s identities.

“Are you Hyon Kwang Song?” he asks one man in English.

Later he asks: “Kim Uk Il? Actually this is my seat.”

Having sat next to the trio, the undeterred reporter attempts a more direct approach.

“Did you take part in the assassination of Kim Jong Nam? No?” he asks the man in sunglasses.

The astonishing confrontation ended in even more bizarre circumstances.

As the plane came into land, the man identified as Kim Uk Il appeared to be filling in paperwork and asked the journalist: “Hello! Do you have ball pen?”

Malaysian media reported that the third North Korean was Ri Ji U, also known as James, who had been hiding with them at the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia had been waiting for more than a month for Kim’s next-of-kin to come forward and claim the body.

It is believed the remains were being sent to Beijing in exchange for the release of the Malaysians prevented from leaving North Korea.

An embassy vehicle carrying the three suspects was also seen leaving the compound of the North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia and North Korea became locked in a furious row following Jong-nam’s death.

Malaysia has said an autopsy showed he died due to exposure to the lethal nerve agent VX just as he was about to board a flight to Macau.

North Korea has dismissed the Malaysian findings, accusing Malaysia of conspiring to tarnish its image.

It insists that the dead man was a citizen travelling on a diplomatic passport by the name of Kim Chol, and that the cause of death was a “heart stroke”.

The tit-for-tat diplomatic row saw Malaysians barred from leaving North Korea and a similar ban imposed on North Koreans in Malaysia.

Jong nam died on 13 February at Kuala Lumpur airport. Two women were charged on the murder of the playboy prince by smearing his face with VX nerve agent, the most lethal chemical weapon known to Man.

Doan Thi Huong, 28, from Vietnam and Siti Aisyah, 25, from Indonesia have said they thought they were taking part in a TV prank.

They face death by hanging. Four other North Korean suspects fled the country on the day of the attack.