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The global tourist market of young people

A growing and promising market

The tourism of younger people is a very promising market. According to the data available by the World Tourism Organization 370 million young people are expected to be traveling around the globe by 2020, while another estimation for tourists between the ages of 18 to 26 states that the value of this market will rise up to 320bn dollars.

The relevant trends that tourist businesses need to be aware of are:

– The dynamics of the young people’s tourist market.
It has been proven that young people don’t cancel their arrangements. Troubled areas or diseases won’t make them change their minds…

– The increase of the students’ travels
The globalization of our technology has made things easier and more attractive for students to travels.

– The reduced prices
Spring is a season that we see an increase in the young tourists’ bookings. It is when the prices are lower something that seems to attract their attention. That applies especially for students.

– The mobile phones
Young tourists are looking for destinations that provide them unlimited access to the network. T-Mobile is very popular as it provides unlimited text and internet in 140 countries.

– One login for everything
Young tourists are looking for an inclusive booking experience, where from one platform with one login they will have access to every information and everything they will need to book in advance.