The “Greek Freak”: Greece is a part of me

Giannis Antetokounmpo always has Greece in his heart

Giannis Antetokounmpo (aka: The Greek Freak) never misses an opportunity to praise Greece and how much a part of his journey to success he considers it. Here are some excerpts from his interview to

It recently came to light that there is a mural of you illustrated on a court that you grew up playing on in Greece. What kind of an honor was that for you and is it ever hard to have the expectations that come with a whole country pulling for you?
It was a huge honor that I’m amazed and humbled by. Greece is a huge part of who I am and it means a lot to have my country behind me. I’m always blown away by the support I get both in the U.S. and back home. I try to connect with my fans whenever I get the chance because their loyalty means so much to me.
What runs through your mind when you see and hear fans erupt with joy when they see and meet you for the first time?
Joy, shock, amazement, all of the above really. Meeting my fans is an awesome feeling that never gets old. I loved working with Mountain Dew. It was an awesome experience getting to connect with Bucks fans in such a personal way through a lighthearted prank. During the shoot, it was cool to see how excited the fans were after I surprised them and shows why Bucks fans are the best fans in the NBA.
Is it surreal, at age 22, that you would have a full-blown campaign like this one with Mountain Dew centered around you?
It was perfect because it matches my personality and is just as much about the fans as it is me. I also love a good prank as my teammates can tell you. Everything Mountain Dew does starts with the fans in mind, which is what makes them such a great partner. It’s surreal being part of Team DEW and such an accomplished roster of NBA stars. Every day I just try to be the best player and person that I can be on-and-off the court – hopefully my fans get to know the real me along the way.

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