The Greek Women’s National Basketball Team lost the third place of the Eurobasket

The National Team did not overcome Saturday’s defeat in the semifinals


The Greek Women’s National Basketball Team didn’t make it in the small final for the bronze medal in the Women’s Eurobasket tournament.

The Greek team were defeated clearly by the Belgium National Team with 78 to 45.

It was obvious that the Greek players didn’t manage to overcome the shock of the defeat in the semifinals and the defeat was inevitable.

The Greek team, however, laid the foundations for future successes as the team demonstrated throughout the Eurobasket those characteristics necessary for the improvement in the future, such as resilience, determination, hard work.

Nonetheless, the Greek team is fourth in Europe, having left behind countries with great history in Women’s Basketball.

Greece has qualified for the World Cup in 2018, so there is a lot of work waiting for them in the near future.