The retrial of Socrates, mock court case reaches philosophical verdict (photos)

A mock retrial of Socrates by modern Australian standards found the philosopher innocent

Top legal minds in Australia gave Greek philosopher Socrates a retrial at the Hellenic Museum. Greek-Australian actors interacted with top lawyers as Socrates was allowed to appeal his case over the weekend. Justice Lex Lasry, justice Emilios Kyrou and judge Felicity Hampel presided over the case, while QC Julian Burnside, QC Nicholas Papas and QC Ronald Merkel and Elizabeth King were tasked with his defence and prosecution of Socrates, played by Greek-Australian actor Tony Nikolakopoulos of “Wog Boy” fame.

The trial managed to revive the ancient philosopher’s story for modern audiences in <elbourne. The retrial was based on the opinions of current legal professionals in Australia with the modern law being used to evaluate the case of Socrates as well as to address moral and social philosophica questions that transcend time.

The good news is that Socrates was found by the jury to be innocent this time around, ensuring that justice is intact in modern Australian society.

The Australian production gave Socrates is played by Greek-Australian actor Tony Nikolakopoulos of “Wog Boy” and “Kings of Mykonos” fame. Another Greek-Australian actor Lex Marinos played the role of Meletus.


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