The return of the Mammoth may be sooner than you think (photos)

Teams of scientists from South Korea are working on trying to similarly clone extinct cave lions using DNA found from the remains of two very well-preserved baby cave lions

According to the Siberian Times, reborn Ice Age animals may soon roam the earth again. Aisen Nicolaev, the head of the Yakutia region of Russia, has plans for a park filled with Ice Age creatures that used to be native to the area.

Yakutia, which is also known as the Sakha Republic, is the largest region of the Russian Federation and is currently best known for its diamonds.

That may change, however, as an international team of scientists is working to bring the wooly mammoth back from extinction. Nicolaev says that the team of Russian, North Korean, and Japanese scientists expect to succeed in their efforts within the next ten years.

He first had the idea for a park where now-extinct animals can roam in the wild back in 2014 and says that at the time people laughed at him but “it’s not so fantastical now”. He went on to say: “Today, technology is developing at an explosive pace, and what yesterday seemed like scientific nonsense, today is an absolutely clear prospect for scientists. I believe that miracles are possible”.

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