The Telegraph: Least-populated Greek isles — fascinating places (photos)

Places of exquisite solitude, far from the madding crowd…

We all know Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, but the Telegraph decided to cast its spotlight on some of Greece’s least populated islands, where “transport may well be a donkey rather than a taxi or bus.”

Kastellorizo, a cluster of brightly-colored villas
The isle has a population of just 492 people and lies 800 meters from Turkey’s southwest Asia Minor coast.


Halki, home to a monastery and historic church
West of Rhodes, the rugged island has a population of 478 people.


Psara, a slightly solemn island
Currently 458 people live here. When the Ottomans invaded in 1824 to crush independence, 3,000 of the 30,000-strong population escaped. The others built new homes on the remote hilltops.


Koufonissia, “whitewashed” Cycladic cottages and vanilla-hued sand beaches
Just 400 people live at Ano (upper) and Kato (lower) Koufonissi. Those at Ano Koufonissi lived without electricity until 1980.


Sikinos, home of the monastery of the “life-giving fountain”
Just 273 people inhabit this island between tourist-friendly Ios and Folegandros, and yet it has some of the most attractive scenery in the Cyclades. The article pinpoints the 15th-century blue-domed Panayia Pantanassa monastery.


Anafi, a sparse place with glorious seclusion
The only settlement is Hora where 271 people live. Built on volcanic rock from neighboring Santorini’s eruptions, Anafi is a sparse place.


Schinoussa, between titchy Iraklia and Koufonissia, near Naxos
Just 225 people live here. It offers windmills, churches and beaches.


Agathonissi, meaning “pure island”
Only 185 people live in this northernmost island of the Dodecanese chain. The area attracts those in search of seclusion and fans of history who head to the pre-Byzantine monument known as Tholi.


Donoussa, island of Dionysos
Dionysos, god of wine, is thought ot have brought Cretan princess Ariadne here. The island is peaceful and secluded. Ideal for naturists. Snorkellers will enjoy the Second World War wreck.


Iraklia, best scenery in the Cyclades
Just 150 people live here. It lacks facilities but more than makes up for this with natural scenery. Seven trekking trails line the island. One is a 3km route that passes the Agios Athanassios chapel with small fields and olive groves.


Marathi, no cars, no roads, no shops, just birds’ chirping
The best contender for the least populated with just 12 residents who live here in summer and just three in winter. The Emilianos family first settled here in 1977 and installed a water supply and electricity.



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