Themos Anastasiades’ answer to the Prime Minister

“Love only”

“As I was sitting and watching the debate in the Parliament for the Agricultural issues and DOL, I saw once again the country’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, unable to…contain himself and attacking me all over again! I understand his panic as the unprecedented operation of Corruption and Control of the newspapers is now being uncovered, right after his Waterloo with the TV licenses.
For the now usual insults and slander against me, I can only note the following:
– For what he accuses me repeatedly regarding money laundering etc. I have been irrevocably acquitted by the Greek Justice with the Ordinance of the Athens Misdemeanours Council on 23/06/2014. I have been acquitted from everything regarding the “bearer” and the rest of it by the Athens Court of Appeal on 24/04/2013. Apparently the rulings of the courts are of no interest to him. My financial status is known from my tax returns, the Occupying and all the competent authorities that look into my tax picture frantically.
– Secondly, I do not live in Switzerland, nor do I own a house there, I am in my office and I work every day, at “Proto Thema” as he may have been informed, and on “ANT1” channel too where he can certainly find out himself twice a week. He can come to the filming to see me live if he has any doubts. He will see much more interesting presences than the ones around him. I am here and I will remain here if he hopes he will terrorize me and make me quit or leave as he does with other Media. “His people” as directors or supervisors on “Proto Thema” won’t be placed, with the exception of my friend Nikos Filis who is known that we share an interest in cookies, cheese pies and religious issues.
– Third, in his breath-taking downfall Mr. Tsipras involved my family, my three children, two of which are under-aged and my wife. Why is he bothered with them? He is after kids now? Congratulations and way down he goes!
I advise and challenge him to deal only with me and if he has the guts to resign from his immunity and go to the courts with me to prove if he can all the those things he so hatefully accuses me of.


I would like to inform him that he will fail and he will not harm neither me nor “Proto Thema”, no matter how much he tries. If he wants to act like Maduro, he should go to Venezuela. The sooner the better.
P.S. Finally, he should find orher “copy-paste” insults against me, because apart from being a wretched liar and slanderer he is also becoming quite dull. I am a bit bored even answering him on a political/journalistic level. But on a human level, I wish him from the bottom of my heart to “get well soon” and be cautious because his condition can rapidly deteriorate. And since he said it too, newspapers are bad for him, why does he insist? Love only!!
Themos Anastasiades”