These are the new Greek Police patrol cars (photos)

The 264 Peugeot 308 patrol cats will be distributed across the nation

The Greek Police fleet will be reinforced with 264 new patrol cars, which were acquired within the NSRF 2014 – 2020 “Active Road Safety” EU funding program.

The new vehicles are the 308 Peugeot model and will be distributed to the Attica Traffic Directorate and to 6 General Regional Police Directorates.

More specifically, 90 will strengthen the force in Attica (Traffic Directorate and General Police Directorate), 42 will be given to Central Greece, 37 in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, 34 in Western Macedonia, 26 in the Ionian Islands, 20 in Epirus and the 15 will go to the General Regional Police Directorate of the North Aegean.