This is the Greek sailor kidnapped off the coast of Togo

He is a 20-year-old trainee engineer

Dimitris Giatis, 20, is the Greek sailor, who along with three other crew members was kidnapped by a group of pirates from a Greek-owned oil tanker “Elka Aristotle” off the coast of Togo in Africa on Monday

His family is anxiously waiting for any news about his whereabouts and condition.

Relatives and friends of the 20-year-old, who comes from the city of Messolonghi are all hoping for a sign of life and to be able to communicate with him.

“Our anxiety for our child is very great. We are trying to understand what has happened. How was it possible for the perpetrators to reach the guys’ rooms past the security guards. How did they get inside and snatch our children, can you tell me? ‘

It was reportedly the young man’s maiden voyage as a trainee engineer.