Thousands of migrants and refugees reach Lesvos

2,343 migrants and refugees are ready to continue their journey to Piraeus or Kavala

Refugees flock to the Greek island of Lesvos with authorities saying that more than 6,000 people have been registered and identified during the last three days, while Greek Coast Guard and Frontex continue to rescue people who are trying to reach Greece.

According to Greek Coast Guard, 2,090 refugees reached Lesvos yesterday, while 2,343 migrants and refugees have already been registered and identified and are ready to continue their journey to Piraeus or Kavala.

Moreover, police authorities at Morias hotspot stated that 1965 person were registered and identified yesterday.

In addition, “Ariadni” ferry with 1,835 refugees from Mytilene and Chios on board arrived at Piraeus port on Friday.

More specifically, the ferry transferred 1,105 refugees from Mytilene and 730 refugees from Chios.

Another two ferries are expected to dock at the port of Piraeus later in the day. “Blue Star 1” will transfer 908 refugees from Mytilene and 446 refugees from Chios and “Blue Star 2” will transfer 70 refugees from Kos.

“Nisos Mykonos” with 593 refugees from Mytilene arrived late on Thursday.