Trump: Prespes agreement between “Macedonia” and Greece historic

The US President used the term Macedonia 6 times

US President Donald Trump issued a congratulatory statement on occasion of the Independence Day of FYROM on September 8, using the name “Macedonia” a total of 6 times in his letter. The letter is addressed to FYROM’s President Gjorge Ivanov and reveals the interest the US is showing in the name dispute with Greece. Mr Trump highlighted the significance of the agreement with Greece and the boost to security and stability the deal would provide to the region by the country joining NATO.

“On behalf of the American people, I congratulate you and the citizens of Macedonia on the occasion of your Independence Day on September 8.

Macedonia has much to be proud of this year. The historic Prespa Agreement resolves the long-standing name with Gρeece and paves the way for Macedonia’s membership in both NATO and the European Union. The Agreement and Macedonia’s membership in NATO will bolster security, stability, and prosperity throughout the entire region.”