Trump watched Joker in White House screening and enjoyed it

He has not tweeted about it yet

US President Donald Trump might be in the middle of impeachment hearings set up by House Democrats, but that did not deter him from sitting down and enjoying Todd Phillip’s “Joker” starring Joaquin Phoenix at the White House.

Joker has been met with immense success and smashed multiple box office records. Even without showing in China, the movie has quickly become one of the most successful movies ever made as millions of people across the planet continue to catch showings of the film. Now, it appears the president of the United States himself, Donald Trump, wanted to see what all the hype was about by screening the acclaimed movie at the White House.

According to Yahoo, a senior White House official confirmed Trump screened the movie with some “family, friends, and some staff.” The source also claims Trump “liked” the movie, giving the blockbuster hit another satisfied viewer. That might be the case, but one can’t help but wonder if his opinion would have been different if Alec Baldwin had played Thomas Wayne as he had originally been reported to. On multiple occasions, Trump has tweeted about his disdain for Baldwin as an actor based on his Saturday Night Live performances, and may not have been too thrilled to watch a new movie featuring Baldwin in a major role.