Tsipras at NATO Summit: No security without Russia

Greece a stabilising force in the region, says Greek PM

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras stressed the role of Russia in the security of Europe during his speech at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, Friday. Tsipras underlined the need for building a new European ‘architecture’ focused on safety and stability that would allow the alliance to effectively respond to regional and global challenges. He continued by saying that Greece was a force of stability and constructive dialogue in the volatile area of the middle east, while adding the necessity for the military alliance to adapt to a changing and unstable environment in order to be prepared to deal with rising conflicts in the wider area.


Tsipras noted that while Greece might not see eye to eye with the alliance on all matters, like the stance NATO took on Russia, he stressed the Greece had shown its solidarity to members of the alliance and expected reciprocal solidarity by NATO for Greece’s security concerns. Commenting on the realisation of the Rapid Action Plan and NATO’s presence in the eaters borders of the EU, the Greek PM said that it had significantly reinforced its readiness, ability and flexibility as a preventive and defence mechanism, but added that common security could not only be achieved through military means. He stressed that the same determination demonstrated in putting military action in place should also be shown with promoting peaceful means of resolving conflicts. He underlined that European security is not possible without the inclusion of Russia, pointing out that prevention should be culled with a string and substantive dialogue with Russia to avoid erroneous actions and unwarranted escalation. Tsipras said Greece welcomed the decision for the convening of NATO-Russia council anew. He went on to say that apart from the volatility on the northern borders of Europe there was also instability in the south with the large flows of migrants and refugees from the middle east and northern Africa and the constant strengthening of terrorist networks.