Tsipras vs. Meimarakis: Front-runners’ debate on Monday could tip balance

Greek Elections 2015: Countdown to the elections on Sunday, September 20

Monday night’s (roughly 19.00 GMT) debate by the two front-runners in yet another Greek general election comes as both two contenders are in a razor-tight race, according to opinion polls. Former PM and the head of the Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) party, Alexis Tsipras, will face his main rival, conservative New Democracy (ND) leader Vangelis Meimarakis, in state broadcaster ERT’s main studio. The debate will be divided in three cycles with two breaks. The six television presenters who took part in the all-leaders debate on Wednesday will again ask the questions.


First Cycle (Questions – 30 seconds/Responses – 90 seconds)

Round 1 – Internal politics, economy, development

Round 2 – Foreign policy, security, migration

Leaders will be able to lift a red card should they wish to take the floor following their opponent’s response to a question.

Second Cycle (Question time – 1 minute/Responses – 1.45 mins/Comments – 30 seconds)

Leaders will have the oportunity to ask each other questions. The leader asking the question will also have time for a comment at the end of the question.

Third Cycle (Questions – 30 seconds/Responses – 90 seconds)

The same questions will be asked to each leader by the journalist chairing the meeting, Panos Haritos. At the end, the leaders will be able to give a 2-minute conclusion.