Turkey blocks off Rhodes airport for military exercise!

Greek Ambassador urges observers to abstain from final stage of exercise

Turkey is taking its provocations against Greece to the next level, as newspaper Yeni Safak published a letter by Greek Ambassador to Turkey, Kyriakos Loukakis claiming that Turkey has violated the national sovereignty of Greece. In the letter Mr. Loukakis called on countries to abstain from observing the final stage of a Turkish military exercise called “Deniz Gordu”, as it violated the Rhodes International air terminal. “This fact, besides violating Greek sovereignty rights, is contrary to good neighbourly relations and jeopardises flight safety”, the diplomat says in his letter.
In its comment newspaper Yeni Safak underline that Greece is concerned over the Turkish navy exercise in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean. The Greek Ambassador sent a letter to the countries that have been invited to participate in the final phase, May 22, of the drill as observers, urging them to turn down the invitation. The relations between Greece and Turkey have been strained as the latter has increased its provocations over the Aegean Sea both at sea and in the air.