Turkey to deploy 87 warships and 27 aircraft in the Aegean Sea in large-scale military exercise

The Turkish press is beating the drums over the arrival of US forces in Evros

Turkey is continuing its belligerent stance against Greece, as it announced the deployment of 87 Navy and Coast Guard ships in the Aegean Sea, as the survey ship Cesme is conducting ongoing research in the area.

The ships will be taking part in a military exercise called “Blue Homeland” from February 25 to March 7 in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, with the support of 27 aircraft, 12 helicopters, F-16s, and F-4s, as well as amphibious forces.

Meanwhile, the Turkish press is drumming up the imminent arrival of American forces in Evros, Greece. US transport ships carrying helicopters and armoured vehicles, some of which will stay in Greece for military exercises, are expected to arrive in the port of Alexandroupolis.

In this context, the front page of Yeni Safak reads “Who is this preparation for?”, While Hurriyet publishes an article “Landing of American forces in Alexandroupolis”.


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