Turkey violates Greek airspace 91 times – Six dog fights between Greek and Turkish F-16s

Greek and Turkish fighters engage in dog fights

Turkey violated Greek airspace a total of 91 times on Tuesday.

Only hours after the U.S sent a clear message to Turkey that it did not want an escalation of tensions with Greece, the Turkish Air Force unleashed a barrage of illegal flyovers and violations in the Aegean Sea.

Twenty-seven of the above violations were overflights carried out by Turkish F-16s on the island of Panagia, Oinousses, Agathonissi, Lipsi, Arcius, Leros and Kalolimnos.

In total, 20 Turkish aircraft (15 F-16s, 1 spy CN-235 and 4 helicopters) illegally entered the northeast, central and southeastern Aegean on Tuesday.

The 86 violations of Greek airspace were carried out by F-16 fighters, 3 by CN-235s and 2 by helicopters. Ten of the Turkish fighter jets were armed during their violations, while six dog fights with Greek fighters ensued after the Hellenic Air Force scrambled to intercept the aggressor planes. Turkish aircraft also committed 16 violations of air traffic rules at the FIR Athens.

According to the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, the aircraft were recognised and intercepted in accordance with international standards and standard practices.