Turkish Deputy PM Bahceli: Greeks should not forget grandfathers at the bottom of Aegean Sea

The leader of Turkey’s nationalist party said Cyprus was always Turkish land

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Devlet Bahceli in a delirious speech before a partisan crowd said the Greeks should not forget that their grandfathers ended up at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. Speaking in a pre-election campaign rally in Smyrna, the leader of the Turkish Nationalist Movement party, responded to the outrage caused in Greece and Cyprus to his campaign spot that showed Cyprus as Turkish territory saying that “Cyprus was Turkish land for the Turks”. Mr Erdogan’s ally in the current government warned Greece to be aware of its limitations in the Aegean Sea. “Thank Allah, the will to make the Aegean Sea the grave of their (Greeks’) hopes is still alive. And will continue to live until the end.”