Turkish President Erdogan: Greeks got scared of our military drills in Aegean Sea

The Turkish President was interviewed on Turkish TV

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Greece was “scared” of a large scale military exercise Turkey conducted in the Aegean Sea.

Responding to a question during an interview on Turkish television about the reactions caused in Greece by the military drill in the Aegean Sea called “Blue Homeland”, Mr Erdogan commented in a provocative and condescending tone: “We carried out a drill ‘Blue Homeland’ with about 120 ships and the Greeks apparently got scared. But we didn’t do the drills against you”.

“Won’t we carry out military exercises? A military people will do drills in its seas”, he said.
He continued by commenting on the military exercises by the Greek side, saying that after the Turkish exercise had been completed, visits to Greek harbours had commenced. “All of a sudden the Greeks woke up and are doing their exercises in the islands.”