Turkish President Erdogan issues open threat to Greece and Turkey

Erdogan said two countries were putting themselves in danger with their actions in the eastern Mediterranean

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened Greece and Cyprus anew in a speech before party members. Referring to the two countries and developments in the eastern Mediterranean, Erdogan warned that both were backed by some European nations, adding that this support would backfire, as Anadolu News Agency reported.
During his speech, the Turkish referred to the Republic of Cyprus as “South Cyprus”.

“The precarious behaviour of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus in exploring hydrocarbons in the eastern Mediterranean constitute a threat and a danger primarily to them.”, he said.

The Turkish president went on to cite the rule of International Law, saying that Turkey was determined to make full use of its rights deriving from international law in disputes over the Aegean and the Cyprus problem.

He added that “Turkey will not make the slightest retreat from its positions in the eastern Mediterranean or any other region.”. “We will defend our rights to the end.”
, he said.