U.S President Trump meets with his Turkish counterpart Erdogan in Washington

The meeting will cover thorny issues of the S-400 Russian missiles and the Armenian Genocide Bill

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be meeting U.S President Donald Trump on Wednesday in Washington.

The meeting comes amid a hostile climate for both in the US, as it is the first public session of the impeachment inquiry against Trump, Congress is discussing sanctions on Erdogan, while the press and think tankers are lambasting the Turkish President’s policies toward the Kurds.

As expected, security measures have been beefed up around the White House, with Americans of Kurdish descent planned to hold protests against Mr. Erdogan.  The meeting between the two men will cover a wide range of matters including the thorny issue of  Turkey’s purchase of a S-400 Russian air defense system, which has strained bilateral relations. Other issues on the agenda will be:

– The Syrian conflict
– Sanctions against Turkey
– The Armenian Genocide Bill
-The Khashoggi assassination