Unbelievable incident over a mobile …

A man tried to help and ended up with a face full of blood

It all started when a man noticed that a girl had dropped her mobile phone in square Daskalogianni. He quickly picked the phone up and ran to give it back to the girl, when, under circumstances that have not yet been clarified the man who was escorting the girl attacked him.

According to eyewitnesses, the young man who was escorting the girl began beating wildly the man in the head first with a bottle of water and then with his fist, probably because he thought that the victim tried to … steal the phone.

After people had gathered at the spot and while the police had been alerted, the couple rushed to disappear, while the unlucky man with a face full of blood, led to a nearby private clinic, in order to be provided with the necessary medical care.

Police are continuing investigations in order to find the couple.