UPD: PAO-PAOK match officially stopped by referee (photos)

PAOK coach sustains head injury after fan throws can of beer


The match between Panathinaikos and PAOK in Athens has been officially stopped -according to a tweet posted by PAOK- after the referees deliberated for over an hour. Panathinaikos stand to face heavy penalties, according to the Greek Football regulations, including deduction of 2 points from the new Super League season, losing the interrupted match against PAOK (0-3), a hefty fine and three points off in the mini play-off league.
The match between Panathinaikos and PAOK for the Greek Football Super League play-offs in Athens was temporarily suspended by the referee on 55’ after players from both teams were embroiled in a fracas. The brawl started when Panathinakos goalkeeper Steele was kicked by PAOK player Crespo during a mouth-goal incident which led to the involvement of PAO striker Marcus Berg who came to the defence of his teammate. Crespo then grabbed the Swedish international by the neck and threw him to the ground, which resulted in an all out fight between the players of both sides. The antics on the pitch led a PAO fan to get involved by throwing a can of beer against PAOK coach Vladan Ivic. Ivic sustained a head injury and was transported to hospital to receive treatment. Currently there are ongoing deliberations by the referee and officials to decide whether the match will continue or not. Panathinaikos, who were playing with ten men after goalkeeper Vlachodimos was sent off, are leading 1-0 thanks to a Berg goal on the 10th minute. If the match is stopped the home side will face a points deduction and lose the match.