US soldiers were implanted with chip, says American journalist

DARPA the service behind the chip, says Jacobsen

According to American journalist and author Annie Jacobsen, US soldiers had been ‘chipped’ after completing their rounds in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In her book titled ‘The Pentagon’s Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America’s Top Research Agency’ Jacobsen claims that US scientists in collaboration with the Defense Department have implanted chips in the brains of US soldiers that served in the two wars. Jacobsen says she was denied an interview with one of the veteran soldiers that had undergone the chip implant. The author, who is also a journalist for New York Times says that out of the nearly 2.5 million soldiers who served in the Middle East 300 have suffered brain damage and memory loss, something highlighted by US media. DARPA, the military research service cooperating with the US Pentagon has developed a chip that enhances cognitive functions by restoring brain damage and repairing all the defective brain tissues, according to Jacobsen. In 2014 the Pentagon had announced it was developing an innovative brain chip to deal with post traumatic stress disorders for veteran soldiers and that it would be ready in 5 years after it was approved by the FDA. The new electronic chip could have a widespread application, as it could be used to repair memory cells of millions of people. DARPA argues the chip could also be used for Alzheimer’s disease.