Varvitsiotis and de Montchalin agree next EUMed7 conference be held in Athens

The EUMed7 Summit will be held on July 2 in Corsica, with Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta & Portugal

Alternate Foreign Minister for European Affairs Miltiadis Varvitsiotis met with the Deputy Foreign Minister of France Amelie de Montchalin on Wednesday in Paris.

The two officials agreed on the organization of a ministerial conference in Athens with the participation of the seven EU member-states of southern Europe, the so-called EUMed7, in May 2020.

The French proposal to hold the conference in Athens is extremely important at the present time, as France holds the presidency of EUMed7, reaffirming the excellent level of Greek-French relations, said a foreign ministry announcement.

The ministerial will prepare for the EUMed7 Summit to be held on July 2 in Corsica, with the participation of Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and Portugal.

Meanwhile, the meeting also confirmed the multidimensional nature of Greek-French relations as well as the mutual will for their further enhancement, not only in traditional sectors of cooperation but also in cutting-edge fields, said the same announcement.

The European Commission’s proposal on the new methodology on EU enlargement, issues of security in the southeastern Mediterranean, migration and the EU’s future relation with the United Kingdom, as well as issues concerning the rule of law were also discussed.

Varvitsiotis noted that Greece attaches great importance to compliance with the rule of law, principles that France historically defends. “Every injury to the rule of law strikes a blow at the heart of European democracies, at the core of the European way of life,” he said.

Source: amna