Venceremos! Greek minister: Venezuela an … 'example for smaller countries'

Panagiotis Lafazanis also invites Venezuelan ministers to Athens and praises Bolivarian revolution’s … global anti-imperialist struggle…

Greece’s far-left energy minister Panagiotis Lafazanis on Wednesday praised the … Bolivarian Republic (socialist Venezuela) as an “example for smaller countries”!

He made the comments in greeting the República Bolivariana de Venezuela ambassador to Greece Farid Fernandez to his office, while also issuing an invitation for his Venezuelan counterpart and the head the state-run oil company to visit him in Greece.

Lafazanis, the unofficial head of ruling SYRIZA’s “internal opposition”, holds the wordy portfolio of productive reconstruction, environment and energy.

In a press release afterwards, in fact, Lafazanis “…expressed his appreciation of the pioneering role of the Venezuelan government in the anti-imperialist struggle, not only in Latin America, but for the entire world(!)”.

(The exclamation  point was added to the text)