Watch Infowar’s Alex Jones confront CNN’s Oliver Darcy in Washington (video)

The CNN reporter was instrumental in pushing for the de-platforming of Infowars

CNN reporter Oliver Darcy, one of the network’s key figures who spearheaded efforts to take right-wing media outlet (dubbed a conspiracy theory site by some) Infowars off social media, was confronted by the founder and owner of the site Alex Jones Wednesday in Washington.

Darcy, who seemed stunned at the presence of Jones and at a loss for words listened silently as Jones levelled criticism against him about de-platforming conservative voices from social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. At one point Darcy takes out his smartphone to record the encounter.

“You are incredibly shameful,” Jones told Darcy, adding, “You are literally an anti-American, anti-free speech coward.”
“You know what you are? You are LITERALLY a sociopath, and you think it’s funny, you know other people have emotions and care, so you played on that.”

Here’s the video of Alex Jones confronting CNN’s Oliver Darcy: