Watch PM Mitsotakis and wife Mareva meet Stefanos Tsitsipas after match with Federer (video)

“Let’s go champ”, was what Mareva shouted non stop during the match

After posting his congratulations on his Instagram account to Stefanos Tsitsipas following the 21-year-old’s victory against tennis legend Roger Federer in the ATP semi-final, Greek Kyriakos Mitsotakis and wife Mareva met with the Greek champion in the locker room.

Tsitsipas, after thanking them, asked them if they had a good time, with Mareva informing him that she had never cheered so much in her entire life during the match and had repeatedly shouted to him from the stands “let’s go champ”, to which Stefanos replied it seemed to help.

The PM and the first lady gave Stefanos a hug, while Mr. Mitsotakis also congratulated Stefanos’s father.